I am a scatter brained simmer, and writer. I have three neighborhoods that I play, and about a hundred stories that I have bits and pieces to. What this site will do for me is help me to stay focused on the timeline in effect as I write, and also provide you (my readers) enjoyment (I hope).

I will be posting in a scattered way, and do not know which of the storied I will be posting to at most points in time. Like my normal writing I go based on what I feel is pulling at me stronger. Sometimes it could be one story multiple times, other times it could be just a random scatter of new chapters floating around.

I am a mother and working woman, so I play in my free time, although I try to make it a habit to get some kind of writing done every day. Not every post will have pictures to go with it, and sometimes I’ll even post one of my own drawings in place of sim pictures. Mostly my goal for this site is writing and writing alone. Simming is an added bonus to you and me.

With that said, I hope you do enjoy this site as much I enjoy making and working on it.



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